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Melon Hardware – Terms and Conditions


Melon Hardware ( ABN - 79266382121),  is conducting a lucky draw (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Contest’) for Individuals (hereinafter referred to as ‘Participant’ or ‘Participants’ or ‘Members’ or ‘Entrants’ or ‘Them’ or ‘You’ or ‘Your’). The Contest will commence on 14th September at 4:00am AEST and END on the day ALL entrant places have been filled. The draw will take place the day AFTER all entrant places have been filled. The winner will be drawn and contacted immediately via phone and email.

  1. Conditions of participant entry into the contest

We are giving away a 1x motorbike (CR125 1997) valued at $8000. For a participant to be eligible to enter the contest, they must purchase one of our official Tshirt packages, which will automatically enter them into the contest. This contest is open to all Australian residents over the age of 18 (except Residence in S.A, ACT or NT) who enter in accordance with the terms and conditions of entry.

  1. The participants are required to purchase one a one-off payment package purchased through MELONHARDWARE.COM and/or via the links we provide on our social media platforms, which will automatically place them in the contest. 
  2. The draw is going to be recorded and posted on our social media platform on the draw date mentioned above 
  3. Our total prize pool is valued at $8000 which is made up of and will be drawn in the following order; 
    • 1st prize –  1997 Honda CR125 dirtbike

The winners of the contest will be drawn and announced via our social media platforms. The winners will be published to our social media and website. 

  1. The main prize winner will be contacted immediately via phone call or txt with a email sent out informing them.
  2. All winners will be advised in writing within 14 days of the draw.
  3. We will help arrange delivery or pick up of the prizes to the winners Australia-wide, within 90 business days of the event. 
  4. There is no cash alternative option for this draw.
  5. We will help arrange delivery but costs will be at winners expense. It is the responsibility of the prize winner to register the vehicle if required.
  6. If the prize is unclaimed for longer than the period of 90 days from the initial draw this will be announced on the 91st day and we will conduct a redraw and a new winner will be announced. The winner of the redraw will be published to our Facebook, Instagram and Website on the same date.  
  7. All purchases of packages,  are final and cannot be refunded.
  8. Winners may be required to sign a prize acceptance letter before receiving their prize.
  9. This contest is limited to 300 entrants. Individual entrants can hold multiple entries in the draw.
  10. We will not publish how many individual entries the participants combined hold. 
  11. Every entrant has an equal and fair chance of winning each prize. Meaning, one entrant can win multiple prizes in the competition.
  12. We will offer double entry promotions from time to time at our discretion and/or discounted entry promotions.
  13. To the extent permitted by law, the winner takes the vehicle on an “as is” basis, and Melon Hardware makes no representations or warranties that are not expressly stated in these terms. If a vehicle is not road legal, the winner acknowledges that Melon Hardware will not be responsible for any costs associated with making the vehicles compliant with any laws. Where a vehicle includes custom modifications, the winner acknowledges that replacement parts may not be available in the future. 
  14. The winner acknowledges that Melon Hardware will not be responsible for any costs associated with any costs of maintenance, operation, damage incurred during transport, damage incurred after collection, insurance after handover, or any other costs that are not expressly stated in these terms.
  1. Conditions of entry
  1. Participants shall be allowed to enter the contest given the following 
    1. They agree to the terms and conditions of the contest 
    2. They purchase a package via the official links
  1. Representation and Warranties of Melon Hardware.

Melon Hardware warrants the following.

  • Melon Hardware owns the vehicles involved in the contest.
  • The purpose of this contest is to promote the Melon Hardware brand and bring awareness to the Melon Hardware brand. 
  • We do not sell raffle tickets, or any other form of ticket to enter this contest. 
  • Entries to the contest are strictly, and only provided as promotional prizes to the customers of Melon Hardware. 
  • Entries cannot be purchased and will not be sold separately. 
  • The contest can be won by any participant who purchases a package from our website, or any official link. 
  • This is not a charity raffle. 
  • Melon Hardware funds the contest in whole. Melon Hardware pays for all the prizes. 
  • The contest is solely promoted by Melon Hardware, ABN 79266382121
  1. Representation and warranties of the participant

The Participant represents and warrants that it shall not contact any affiliate, employee, sponsor, or partner of Melon Hardware in order to manipulate the Contest results.

  1. Queries

The Participant shall be entitled to contact us at melonhardwareco@gmail.com. All communications in relation to the Contest must be made via melonhardwareco@gmail.com

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